Use online personality profiles to select top performing people. Market Access is a licensed distributor of Self Management Group (SMG) online profiles.

SMG specializes in the use of psychometric tools for the selection, development, career planning and retention of key people in careers where high performance is essential and high stress is often a common factor.

Benefits of using SMG online profiles:

  • Immediate view of candidate "fit",
  • Determine if potential exists for top performance,
  • Match to other key people,
  • Bring science to your selection decisions,
  • Available online 24 hours a day,
  • Cost-effective selection and development tool.

Example Profiles:

Use the SalesPRO™ to identify individuals with the potential for success and suitability to a career in sales. It identifies the individual's fit to sales positions ranging from service based selling to competitive selling and has been used in a wide variety of sales cultures including high tech, financial services and many others. Click Here for a Sample Profile

Use the ManagementPRO™ to measure the potential for success and suitability to a career in a management and/or leadership role. It assesses the factors that allow managers and leaders to effectively manage people and performance. The detailed report can also be used for team building, executive coaching, conflict resolution, succession planning and matching individuals to mentors, peers and staff. Click Here for a Sample Profile

Use the ProfessionalPRO™ for professional positions whether they consult with individuals or provide enterprise solutions. It assesses consulting style, results orientation, communications style and other key competencies as well as self management, motivation, team orientation, comfort with conflict, confidence, lifestyle management, approach to networking, listening style and emotional intelligence. Click Here for a Sample Profile.

Use the CustomerCarePRO™ for the selection, training and coaching of people for customer service, hospitality and other roles that require first-rate client/customer relationship management. It assesses character traits, relevant attitudes, emotional intelligence, listening style and comfort in networking while providing interview and coaching suggestions. Click here for a Sample Profile.

Use the ITPRO™ for individuals in important IT roles to help them become more effective and productive in evolving Information Technology cultures. Provides management and the individual with detailed feedback on self management potential; motivational structure; fit to environment; comfort with conflict; communications style; self confidence; lifestyle management and commitment to career with appropriate coaching suggestions in these areas. Click here for a Sample Profile.

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